31st of December 2010: The birth of my beautiful and healthy twin daughters...what a way to end the year and the 365 didn't plan it that way, but I will never forget this past year. Praise God for all His blessings. Thanks Rach and Lauren for playing along with me. It has been such a special part of my life to count our blessings each day. x Maybe we'll do it again in the future?!

DAY 364:

30th of December 2010: Checking out my favourite blog to get me through a boring few hours

DAY 363:

29th of December 2010: Making gifts for my babies while having tests in hospital...I wasn't allowed to go home this night and I begun my stay there.

DAY 362:

28th of December 2010: My love shrine...missing a couple vital people though...whoops...(it now needs an update)

DAY 361:

27th of December 2010: My new and very pretty Christmas present from luke from Peter luxurious!

DAY 360:

26th of December 2010: Trying to get all my images organised before the end of the year! I was hoping id be able to post them before the end of the year...didn't happen.

Day 365

The last minute of the last day of the year of photos. I was in bed already because I'm exciting like that. And to add to the excitement my dear husband was in another state.

Happy New Year!

Thanks all for following along. I wonder what 2011 will bring?!

Day 364

Arrived at mum and dad's place in Nambour reading to get to work on the Kitchen Tea.

See MtHanded soon for details.

Day 363

Hair pieces for bridesmaids & bride. Plus 2 for the mums to wear as brooches. We watched while Made of Honour with Patrick Dempsey while I stitched these. Very appropriate movie for a maid of honour! Oh yes, and Han gets credit for sewing on the beads and clips. Better not forget!!

Day 362

Happily put to work on final touches for Hanny's wedding. Much chatter, decorating, trips to the craft stores and forgetting to take photos happened over the next few days...

Day 361

Flying to Queensland via Sydney. Qantas - that was the tastiest, healthiest food you have ever given me. Please have it all again next time.

(This was the first of 5 flights backwards and forwards for me in 2 weeks. Happy to keep my feet on the ground for a while now)

Day 360

Ok. Taking this photo was hard. We had heaps of wind, bright sun and a literal plague of locusts to work around. I wish I had taken more, better, nicer photos. But I didn't. And I didn't take a single photo of the back. Guess I was just too excited about finishing my first ever quilt!!

Day 359

Christmas day! I made a special request of my talented father in law for christmas this year - wooden spools for all of my lace. He made me 15 in different sizes and colours. Are they not the most lovely things? I am very blessed to have such clever families.

Day 358

A set of 8 nap-mats. Invented and made by me. Napkins that are the size and shape of place-mats so they can be used for both.

Given to my sister Jes for Christmas.

Day 357

2 days work finished. Read it here.

Day 356

Three Kings. Three days until Christmas.

Day 355

Quality viewing while I finished of the last of my christmas gifts. I just love a good excuse to watch good movies. A semi decent excuse to watch semi decent movies is fine with me too!

P.S. High School Musical 1, 2 & 3? Love!

A few movies about grief here. Not intentional but interesting none the less.

DAy 354

Delicious stone fruit in season! yummy, yummy.'s supposed to be 365...but only 361...mmm I'll fix that eventually!

 While on our way to Hamburg we received this message!!! What a wonderful way to finish off this year and great project! Thanks for following, thanks for commenting, thanks for encouraging! I (We!) hope you enjoyed it!

Day 360

We got our geek on and went to Wittenburg!