Anna of Heart Full of Grace

One of the main reasons I wanted to be a part of the 365 project was because I have found it difficult to have a creative outlet since my beautiful 9 month old daughter was born. But now, I have no more excuses...

For lack of time and the necessity of capturing the moment very quickly I have chosen to use my iPhone to take my daily photographs. There is nothing exciting to explain about that and I am not sure what it does or how it does it! But so far, I am mostly happy with the little snapshots that are captured, and I am very happy to share snippets of my life with you about my daughter, foods that I eat, adventures that I go on, people that I meet and things I find beautiful or worth immortalizing through the camera.

One of the loveliest things about doing this project with friends is that I am connected with some of my loved ones everyday despite being hundreds of kilometres away...and through it, I get a glimpse of their lives, their joys and their talents.

Lauren of Lozalicious

Hey there! My photos will be taken on my little Panasonic DMC-FS3, a little point and shoot. It has been very faithful! Some other photos may appear using my husbands Iphone.
I am excited to take part in this project because I like taking photos. I am a bit of a novice when it comes to it but it I really like capturing the funny moments, the precious moments or the I need to take a photo of that moments. Now people wont think I am too crazy when I pull my camera out at the shopping centre or have it me ALL the time. My sister used to pay me out…you’re going to blog this aren’t you! Yes Jek I am!

I live in Adelaide and work full time as a youth worker, which brings me much joy and challenge. To unwind I love to blog, knit, watch romantic comedies, spend time with family, friends and above all spend time with my handsome husband!

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos throughout the year as much as we like taking them!

Rachel of Empty Handed

Hi! My pictures are taken with my trusty Nikon D60. It's the first DSLR I have owned and just about the first one I ever used. The first one I use was a Nikon D40 that belonged to a friend. It was love at first click. I don't buy into the Nikon vs Canon debate. It's just a camera people - learn it and make it do what you want! As for learning - I am self, friend and internet taught. Experience and practice have been great teachers so far. And they are key reasons I wanted to try taking a picture everyday for a year - to discover.

Aside from shooting a little everyday I try to keep our house running without too many panic moments. I've learnt that the ironing not being done doesn't cause as much panic as I used to think! My computer is the main reason for housework not being done and a loving husband is the reason it doesn't matter. I know how blessed I am to be able to say that!

Enjoy the daily snippets of our lives across the country.